Under Construction

The WTC Atlanta Academy will offer both free coursework and fee-based coursework, online and in classroom settings, with members and bilateral partners receiving discounts. We are working with WTC sister locations in Tampa Bay, Boston, Denver, and Dublin, and with VOS University, Birchtree Global, Tempus FX, the US Dept of Commerce & Export U to start. As we build this out, we will work to add opportunities for certifications and coursework through local and regional universities.

The Fast-Track Global Market Entry Program is designed to help you develop and implement a global growth strategy for your business. There are 20 modules in the program, which is taught on-line and in-class over the course of several weeks. Participants accumulate the information they will need to build a global strategic plan for their business. When you finish the program, you will have completed the global framework and have at your hand, the information, resources, materials, and strategic plan to globalize with maximum financial gain and minimal risk.