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Global Market Entry Program Overview

About the Global Market Entry Program

The World Trade Center Atlanta Academy’s Global Market Entry Program is an online, custom-developed, and asynchronous course designed to give business leaders, functional leaders, and those interested in international business the knowledge and connections needed to develop and manage a profitable global growth strategy.

The program leverages the World Trade Center Association’s strengths as a center for global trade while organizing the information onto one platform taught from a corporate perspective. This perspective as well as having access to mentors who will guide you along the way will help participants navigate the sometimes confusing array of market entry options and challenges present when expanding globally.

The Global Market Entry Program consists of four separate modules each containing relevant topics encompassing the critical infrastructure components required for successful global market entry including:

  • Global Strategy
  • Economics & Finance
  • Corporate Entity
  • Operations

Within each module, resources such as webinars, white papers, presentations, guest speakers, interviews, and articles will be used to offer the participant a unique global business perspective.

Program participants will also see and hear from global business executives and executive educators with “boots-on-the-ground” experience in global market entry. Additionally, participants who enroll in the full Global Market Entry Program will be assigned a one-on-one personal mentor with significant in-country global market experience.

Each module requires approximately 15-20 hours to complete and participants are able to work at their own pace.  There are no pre-requisites to enroll in the Program, however, participants should be familiar with business fundamentals. The Program is especially useful for business owners growing a global business, functional specialists with little or no international experience, and MBA students who need to see how their academic curriculum translates into actionable business decisions.

The Program is certified by the World Trade Center Atlanta, Birchtree Global LLC, HRCI, and SHRM and qualifies for continuing education credits. Interested participants must complete a certifying assignment at the end of each module to receive credit.


All four modules must be successfully completed in order to earn World Trade Center Atlanta certification. The cost for the full Global Market Entry Program which includes all four modules is $2,500. You may also register to take each module individually at a cost of $750 per module.

Current members of the World Trade Center Atlanta will receive a 15% discount on the cost of enrollment after signing into the member login page at with your member credentials.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

The World Trade Center Atlanta reserves the right to cancel any module(s) in the program. In the event of cancellation, you will be notified immediately and all registration fees will be refunded.

If you are registered for the full Global Market Entry Program and you must cancel your registration, you will receive a full refund if you cancel prior to the availability of the first module or logging in to begin the program.

If you are registered for a single module and you must cancel your registration, you will receive a full refund if you cancel prior to the availability of or logging into the module in which you are registered.

WTC Academy Introduction

The Global Entry Program is a unique curriculum that has been built with practitioners and experts of global trade. Indeed, more than 30 business leaders from small, medium, and large organizations who have successfully taken multiple companies global have contributed to the program. They understand going global requires bringing multiple disciplines of expertise together, such as strategy, legal, financial, tax, operations, and HR.

This program is designed to fill the gap in current academia programming by showing business executives and entrepreneurs exactly what they need to know when expanding overseas. This is a global on-line certification program, from the perspective of CEOs and business leaders, for anyone wanting  to make their company competitive and profitable in a new market.


Course Offerings

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Strategic Module


Global Strategy Module

These elements are foundational to any global market entry program and represent the critical business questions that should be answered before a firm expands internationally.  The major topics included in this section include:

  • Global Market Entry Strategy
  • Ethics, FCPA Implications
  • Political Implications and Trends
  • Strategic Resources
Economic Module


Economics and Finance Module

The content in this section describes the markets, tariffs, trends, and economic incentives that drive companies to expand outside their home country. The key topics reviewed include:

  • Market, Economics, Tariffs, and Trends
  • Importing, Exporting, Certifications
  • Economic Incentive Programs, Trade Services
Corporate Entity


Corporate Entity Module

The legal, financial, tax, and human resources infrastructures are completely different from country to country. These critical issues determine how a company will establish operations, maximize revenue, minimize taxes, and strategically utilize people.  The major topics in this section include:

  • Global Legal Issues, Legal Incorporation, GDPR, and Intellectual Property
  • Global Human Capital, Labor Law, Statutory Requirements
  • Global Tax Strategy, Cross Border Strategies
  • Banking, Finance, Trade Credit
Operational Module


Operations Module

This module focuses on operational issues related to the day to day management of a global business.  This is the biggest module and reviews multiple topics businesses must consider when managing a global company and workforce.

  • Staffing, Outsourcing, Compensation, Expatriates
  • Technology Limits and Options
  • Supply Chain, Procurement, and Development
  • Product Distribution Channels
  • Cultural Issues
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Compliance and Regulatory Environments
  • Risk Management, Insurance, and Safety

Other Resources

Additional resources which contribute to successful market entry are provided including:

  • 1 year Complimentary World Trade Center Atlanta membership with enrollment in the full Global Market Entry Program
  • Access to complimentary and fee-based consulting services

The World Trade Center Business and International Trade Library

This database provides access to a wealth of knowledge as well as relevant government websites and additional resources including:

  • Bi-National Chamber Resources
  • US Department of Commerce Information and Materials
  • US government services and websites
  • Printed resources
  • Library Resources and Information
  • Access to the Atlanta based Consular Corps
  • Access to 330 World Trade Centers around the globe
  • WTC Atlanta event recordings

Experienced Global Mentors

By enrolling in the full Global Market Entry program, you will be paired with a one-on-one global mentor who is experienced in global business will help navigate and quickly find resources, information, and assist in resolving market entry challenges or issues.

Access to Special Incentive Programs

Participants who successfully complete the full Global Market Entry Program and receive certification may access special incentive programs from bi-national chambers of commerce and country economic development organizations which provide financial and operational incentives for their specific country.

Benefits & Keys to Success

Our online course format provides students with a comfortable self-paced curriculum which allows for global access to the material anytime 24 hours per day.  In addition to the access and convenience of our program, students will be exposed to virtual learning environments and instruction that promote intellectual discovery and practical application.

Upon enrolling for a course, participants will have 12 months to complete the coursework and access to the course material for the same time period.

The virtual classroom is a significant part of today’s educational community. The opportunity to do coursework online at any time and anywhere places unique responsibilities on the student to manage and complete the course in a timely manner. A successful online student possesses unique and identifiable characteristics including the following:

  • Is self-motivated and self-disciplined
  • Has reliable and continual access to a computer
  • Has exemplified an ability to be an independent learner
  • Is goal and task oriented
  • Asks questions and asks for help when needed
  • Sets a consistent schedule for completing the coursework
  • Understands “flexibility” does not mean “easy”
  • Follows online etiquette
  • Is able to apply critical thinking and decision-making skills to the learning process

WTC Atlanta Contact Info

3535 Peachtree Rd NE
Suite 520 – 332
Atlanta, GA 30326

Phone: 1.404.439.1045

Instructors / Speakers

Janet Walsh

Janet Walsh

CEO and President | Birchtree Global, LLC

Dr. Janet L. Walsh is the CEO and President of Birchtree Global, LLC.  Birchtree provides corporate global market entry strategy, services, and training.  Dr. Walsh has worked in and established business operations in 81 countries and all 50 US States. Her work is noted for delivering significant increases in financial productivity by leveraging effective tax and HR strategies.  Prior to working for Birchtree Global Janet was the VP and Director of Global HR in billion-dollar multinationals.

James McGuirk

James McGuirk

President and CEO AKLM

Jim has worked with Birchtree Global for ten years providing executive strategy, market research, M & A services, and partner alliance programs. Jim’s experience growing small, fast-growing technology businesses has led to recent top ten finishes in the INC 500. Jim has contributed his insight into the design and delivery of Birchtree Global’s executive training programs including the “At the Table HR Simulation©,” The Global 20©, and customized management development programs. Jim provides Birchtree Global clients with the C-Suite experience and insight leaders need to better connect and serve customers.

Rob Parry Jones

Rob Parry-Jones

Rob Parry-Jones graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the UK and was commissioned as a 2nd Lt in the Royal Regiment of Signals. He served as both an attached and independent Troop Commander, Weapons Instructor and Infantry Training Officer and commanded troops within a variety of theatres of operation. Completing active service, he then spent 18 months working for a Texan drilling company working Off-shore to finance his Master of Science degree at Aston Business School which he completed as a full-time student.

Pam Corrie

Pamela Corrie, Esquire

Pam is an independent director, litigation or liquidating trustee, or chief restructuring officer, leveraging experience in in-and out-of-court restructurings, to assist companies, including those emerging from bankruptcy, or experiencing other financial challenges. She is qualified to serve on nominating/governance, compensation and risk committees.

David Pauldine

David J. Pauldine

President, Pauldine Enterprises

David is the president of Pauldine Enterprises, LLC, which provides consulting, leadership development training programs, and speaker services.  He has delivered keynotes and presentations to a wide variety of audiences. His primary speech topics are leadership, becoming an effective general manager, strategic planning, culture, ethics, and high performing work teams.

Michelle Beistle

Michelle Beistle

Chief Ethics, Compliance & Privacy Officer, The Nature Conservancy

An attorney, ethics and privacy officer and strategic business partner with a passion for creating and sustaining ethical Speak-Up and privacy-first cultures through innovative programs. Michelle leads the ethics and privacy programs. She is an experienced leader known for collaboration, problem-solving, business acumen and developing others for success. Michelle is an active member of the Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics, International Association of Privacy Professionals, Association of Corporate Counsel and holds CCEP-I, CIPP/US, CIPP/E and CIPM certifications. Michelle has a B.A. International Relations from Boston University and her J.D. from Catholic University.

Tom Popper

Tom Popper

President, InsightCuba & CEO, Friendly Planet

Tom is the founder and former president, InsightCuba & CEO, Friendly Planet. He is a six-time Condé Nast Traveler Award winner. A thought-leader, relentless visionary, President, CEO, and speaker who thrives on inspiring, influencing, motivating, and transforming people and their companies. I believe that getting results is a byproduct of the journey you create for your people. Treat them like gold. Believe in them. Empower them. Provide the inspiration, tools and the path, and you can accomplish anything.

Rafael Nieto

Rafael Nieto

President Ativa Capital, Panama

As an accomplished financial professional, Rafael has 20+ years of experience managing financial services and overseeing investments for high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals as well as small and medium businesses. He is known for his strong relationship development skills and experience advising individuals on insurance, annuities, equities, fixed income, FX, derivatives, structured products, and mutual funds.

Ciara O'Floinn

Ciara O’Floinn

Consul General of Ireland to Atlanta

Ciara O’Floinn took up duty as Consul General of Ireland in Atlanta, in August 2020. The Consulate General covers the Southeast states of Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. A career diplomat, Ciara has a strong background and experience in EU affairs and EU foreign policy, including EU-US relations and security and defense issues.

Carlos Henrique De Abreu

Carlos Henrique Moojen de Abreu e Silva

Consul General of Brazil in Atlanta
Javier Díaz De León

Javier Díaz de León

Consul General of Mexico in Atlanta

Consul General, Javier Díaz de León, holds a Bachelors degree in International Relations from the Universidad Iberoamericana and a Master of Arts in International Conflict Analysis by the University of Kent, in England.