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Online Global Market Entry Program

Expand Your Business Into International Markets

A custom-developed course designed to give business leaders, functional leaders, and those interested in international business the knowledge and connection needed to develop and manage a profitable global growth strategy.

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**also qualifies for continuing education credits

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Join the World Trade Center Atlanta and expand your international trade and investment knowledge, connections and business. Engage with an exclusive network of over 300 World Trade Centers around the world whose members are the most influential business leaders in their country. The World Trade Center Atlanta offers Corporate Partnerships and individual Executive and Student Memberships.


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“Need International relocation services? Berkshire Hathaway and WTC Atlanta team up to provide International Expat & Relocation Services that make the challenge simple.”

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Help us educate like minded professionals and improve the status of nations around the world through better economic, educational and investment strategies.

The World Trade Center Atlanta Educational Foundation, Inc. (WTC Atlanta Educational Foundation), enables businesses and professionals to participate in academic coursework, conferences, industry events, and international business programming to foster the expansion of world trade, encourage commerce among nations of the world, and promote international business relationships and exchange information and data on world trade and commerce.

The WTC Atlanta Educational Foundation includes the launch of the WTC Atlanta Innovation Center for International Trade and Investments, to empower trade from the State of Georgia to economically challenged markets around the world. The Innovation Center brings together global thought leaders, academics, executives, NGOs, and government agencies to identify the best investments to stimulate those markets most in need.

WTC Atlanta Educational Foundation is organized as a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation in the State of Georgia and is wholly owned by the World Trade Center of Atlanta, Inc., a 501(c)6. No part of the net earnings of WTC Atlanta Educational Foundation shall inure to the benefit of its Directors, Officers, or any person having a personal or private interest in the activities of WTC Atlanta Educational Foundation except that WTC Atlanta Educational Foundation may pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and make payments in furtherance of its stated purposes.

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